We Buy Or Trade for Used Guns

Vitagliano Gun Shop Used Rifles on Rack

We’ve all done it. Bought a gun because it looked great online. Bought a gun because our friend said it was great. Bought a gun because it seemed like a good deal at the time. Bought a gun because “I didn’t have that caliber yet”. And yes, admit it, you’ve bought a gun because you saw it in a movie. I can’t blame you, the first gun I ever bought was a Smith & Wesson model 29, guess what movie I had just seen…

At first, we stubbornly hold on to the gun because like a bad hand in poker, we feel invested in it. Then as it collects more dust in the safe, we have to face the facts and admit it’s time to let it go. I offer fair market pricing for your used guns and wanted to offer some bullet points on factors that increase the trade-in/re-sale value when you bring it into the shop:

  • You may think I don’t have to say this, but you’d be surprised – PLEASE DON’T BRING IN LOADED GUNS!
  • Do you still have the original box?
  • Do you have any ammo that goes with it? (odd-caliber guns are easier to sell with ammo)
  • Do you know how many rounds have gone through it?
  • If you’ve modified anything, do you still have the original parts? Grips, sites, barrel, etc.
  • If it’s a semi-auto, how many magazines do you have with it?
  • If your gun has an optic, make sure you bring it in with working batteries.
  • IS IT CLEAN? If not, run a bore snake through it.
  • If the gun has a scope, is it mounted well and does it have good visibility?


We buy clean, dry, factory made ammo for a variety of guns. We do not buy reloads.