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Vitagliano Gun Shop opened in 2020 as a natural addition to the existing Holsterpro Gun Leather, which has been making custom leather holsters for people across the globe since 2008.

We are a small shop with big goals aiming to grow by keeping customers armed and informed. We offer a unique service in that we can get the correct gun in your hands, then get that gun in the optimal carry position on your body.

If you are like all of us other gun-lovers, you already have, or will end up with, several guns for different environments/situations. Stop in, grab a cup of coffee and let’s figure out what the next one will be for you.

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    Excellent craftsmanship at a very reasonable price. Great attention to detail and custom fitted.
  • Vitgaliano Favicon
    Awesome owner, very knowledgeable and helpful! Fast, Easy transaction. THANK YOU
    Stephen M.
  • Vitgaliano Favicon
    Very friendly.
    James T.
  • Vitgaliano Favicon
    Excellent service and looks like some high quality crafted items. Cool selection of guns and ammo. Go give em a visit if you’re in the area!
    Jake B.
  • Vitgaliano Favicon
    We're so fortunate to have a world-class leatherman located right in my community. My wife and I have both had multiple custom holsters made and the quality and service guarantees we'll be customers for life.